Metabolism Optimizer Effects of Bonzaplex7 Supplement
Nowadays, efforts made in livestock, poultry and aquaculture industries are aimed at maximizing production at the lowest cost, then it is evident that selecting and breeding specific species with higher financial benefits are of particular importance. However, researches have revealed that breeds with higher production suffer poor immune system function and the same applies in reverse. For this reason, experts and nutritionists all around the world are looking for economical solutions for simultaneous improvement of both parameters.

“Advanced Chelate Compounds technology” has paved the way for solving the balancing issue; in other words, Bonza supplements, benefiting from the aforementioned technology in their production, play the role of “metabolism optimizer” in the animal body, so they keep a balance in the metabolic system of the body. Owing to the applied unique technology in the synthesis of Bonza supplements, Bonzaplex7 structure can retain a new balance in the metabolic system of livestock and consequently boost growth rate and immune system function concurrently. This means supplementing livestock diets with Bonzaplex7 supplement not only positively affects various physiological variables (such as growth, reproduction and immune system) together, but reduces unpleasant traits and builds up a profitable network. Feeding Bonzaplex7 supplement to livestock strengthens animals’ metabolism as there is no genetic manipulation and hormonal stimulation in this supplement, thus the dream of maximizing both quality & quantity of the production in herds will surely come true.