Livestock, Poultry, Aquaculture and Honeybee Chelated Mineral Feed Supplements

Bonza chelated mineral supplements are a new generation of livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and honeybee feed supplements that are produced based on “advanced Chelate Compounds technology” (owned by Sodour Ahrar Shargh Knowledge-based Company). The consumption of these supplements increases the yield, quality, and health of livestock, poultry, and animal-rearing farms at the same time and increases the resistance of herds against various environmental stresses and diseases.

محصولات بن زا


مکمل بن زا پلکس مکمل خوراک گاو گوسفند بز و شتر
Bonzaplex7 Supplement
مکمل بن زا هورس مکمل خوراک اسب
Bonzahorse Supplement
مکمل بن زا پت مکمل غذای گربه و سگ
Bonzapet Supplement
مکمل بن زا چیکن مکمل خوراک مرغ و جوجه گوشتی تخمگذار و مادر
Bonzachicken Supplement
مکمل بن زا چیک مکمل خوراک بوقلمون بلدرچین اردک و کپک
Bonzachick Supplement
مکمل بن زا چیکو مکمل خوراک پرندگان زینتی
Bonzachicko Supplement
مکمل بن زا فیش مکمل خوراک ماهیان پرورشی
Bonzafish Supplement
مکمل بن زا آکوا مکمل خوراک ماهیان زینتی
Bonzaaqua Supplement
بن زا بی افزودنی مکمل خوراک زنبور
Bonzabee Supplement
Bonza Single Element Supplements

The Consumption Benefits of Bonza Chelated Mineral Feed Supplements

More effective absorption than existing supplements
No damage to biomolecules
Reducing costs and increasing production efficiency
Increasing resistance to temperature, environmental and psychological stresses
Increasing resistance to diseases and reducing casualties

(reducing the need for medications and antibiotics, producing healthy meat, milk, and eggs)

Increasing the productivity of livestock, poultry, and aquaculture productions

(increasing the production of milk, meat, eggs, reproductive indicators, etc.)

Improving the quality of products

(enrichment, increasing the percentage of milk fat, improving the quality of meat, etc.)

Metabolism Optimizing Effect of Bonza Chelated Mineral Feed Supplements

Advanced Chelate Compounds technology is a unique technology to achieve a simultaneous increase of “quantity and quality” without genetic manipulation and solely through nutrition. Mineral chelate supplements for livestock, poultry, aquaculture, and honeybees have “metabolism optimizer” feature (metabolism balancing). By consuming them, through the management of cellular commands, the metabolic reactions of animal cells move towards “balance.” The achievement of using these products is a significant increase in the performance and health of products, improvement of productivity, and a significant increase in the benefit-cost ratio.

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